Virtual reality


My name is MichaƂ Siejak and I run Lightflow Software — a consulting company that specializes in delivering native, performant solutions for clients world-wide. With more than 8 years of professional experience in IT, I have a broad area of expertise including game development, virtual reality, cross-platform applications, GPU-based solutions, and many more. I cover all phases of development starting from identifying your business needs, through project planning, efficient implementation, and finally deployment & configuration of necessary server infrastructure.


Game Development with Unreal Engine 4

Creation of complete games, assistance in development of existing products, help with deployment and optimization for both desktop & mobile platforms.

Mobile VR Applications

Development of virtual reality games & applications for the Samsung GearVR. I use Unreal Engine 4 for games and OpenGL ES directly for lightweight applications that need maximum performance with minimal footprint and best possible image quality.

Cross-platform applications with Qt

Development of desktop & mobile applications with the Qt framework using traditional Qt widgets or QtQuick/QML. Run your app on desktop (Windows/Linux/OS X), mobile (Android/iOS) and even embedded devices with native look & feel, and excellent performance.

Graphics programming & data visualization

Multimedia & 3D OpenGL applications, interactive data visualization, creating tools for professional 3D artists, developing plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max & Autodesk Maya.

GPU Computing

Creating solutions for computationally intensive problems using general purpose GPU computing (CUDA/OpenCL), porting of existing CPU based algorithms to run on a GPU.

Low level & legacy applications

Development and maintenance of low-level & legacy applications. Anything that uses low-level system APIs directly (WinAPI, C POSIX library, etc.), is written in x86, m68k or 6502 assembly, or runs on a legacy operating system like DOS.

Deployment & configuration of Linux based infrastructure

Providing your project with the server infrastructure it needs. Installation, configuration & maintenance of Linux servers, seamless deployment of your application with continuous integration.

Project management from start to finish

Helping you deliver your project & reach important business milestones on time. Implementation of a suitable Agile methodology, workflow optimization, troubleshooting of management issues.

How can I help you?

Tell me about your project and learn how I can contribute to its success. I strongly respect your desire to maintain confidentiality and will exercise nondisclosure agreements when appropriate.

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